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How does Facebook advertising works?

How does Facebook advertising works?

Facebook was designed as a social media, a tool that allows people to connect and interact with their friends, as well as “following” their interest such as fashion apparel, a smartphone brand, a movie, or celebrities. By liking or following something, a user has basically given information to Facebook. They know what type of food Tom likes

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Computer coding

Difference between a good web design agency and a normal web design firm

So you are trying to find someone to help you build a website. You search for website design agency on the internet, asking for a quote. They inform you that it will cost about RM6k or even more to have a website created. You found some ads on Facebook with website designer saying that they can build

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How does Facebook knows?

How Facebook suggests “People you may know”

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If you are an active Facebook user, you may occasionally come across a “People you may know” section which will recommend you to connect with some friends, some of which are actually real life people that you know. So how do they know who to introduce or connect you with?

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360˚ Panorama Viewer

If you are an architecture / property firm needing to showcase amazing 360˚ view of your project’s interior design, or you would like to showcase some breathtaking 360˚ view of a tourist spot, this would be the perfect tool to help you impress your customer.

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5 important points to consider before starting your eCommerce website

You wanted to start an online store business, but do you know it actually requires more preparation and planning than you might have anticipated? We can ease your burden and guide you along the whole process. Here are 5 important points to consider:

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